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This is a dataset containing effect size data of a meta-analysis synthesizing randomized controlled trials comparing the preventive effect of psychobehavioral interventions delivered at universities on incidence rates of subthreshold and full-symptom eating disorders. Effect size data is provided as the number of cases and the person time at risk calculated for the intervention and control group.




A data.frame with 5 columns.


character. The study label containing the first author and year of the study.


numeric. The number of identified eating disorder cases in the intervention group.


numeric. The person time at risk in the intervention group.


numeric. The number of identified eating disorder cases in the control group.


numeric. The person time at risk in the control group.


Harrer, M., Adam, S. H., Messner, E. M., Baumeister, H., Cuijpers, P., Bruffaerts, R., ... & Ebert, D. D. (2020). Prevention of eating disorders at universities: A systematic review and meta‐analysis. International Journal of Eating Disorders, 53(6).


This data set was used in a meta-analysis examining the effect of preventive eating disorder interventions at universities (Harrer et al., 2020). The data refers to the analysis in which the treatment arms of trials with more than one intervention group were combined so that each study is the meta-analysis is statistically independent; resulting in slightly different results then the ones reported in the abstract of the article. Person time at risk values were rounded and therefore differ slightly from the ones reported in the study.


Mathias Harrer