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Print, summary and plot S3 methods for objects of class direct.evidence.plot, find.outliers, influence.analysis, multimodel.inference, pcurve, power.analysis, subgroup.analysis.mixed.effects, and sucra.


# S3 method for find.outliers
plot(x, ...)



An object of class find.outliers.


Other arguments of the meta.forest or metafor's forest function. Can be used for styling the generated forest plot.


A total of four package-specific S3 methods are provided in dmetar: S3 methods for print, summary, plot and forest. Outputs from print and summary are always identical. When both plot and forest are available for a class, outputs of both functions are identical (i.e., a forest plot is returned). The forest/plot function allows additional arguments of the meta.forest or metafor's forest function (depending on the class of the meta-analysis object on which prior calculations are based on). These can be used for further styling of the forest plot.


Mathias Harrer & David Daniel Ebert